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Search Engine Optimization and MarketingTo assist with your Internet Marketing campaigns, Big Lick Media offers our seoCENTRALTM service. seoCENTRAL is a tool that enables you to understand and manage the entire search engine marketing process, so you can achieve lasting results. Big Lick Media's seoCENTRAL is one of the best ways to optimize your website to perform better with the search engines and drive qualified customers to your domain.
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seoCENTRAL - Annual Plan for each domain
US $20/year!

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Use seoCENTRAL to submit your site to top search engines and:

  • Review and assitance with organic content
  • Improve your site with expert search engine optimization advice
  • Use our keyword tool to find the best keyword phrases to include on your pages
  • Track your progress by monitoring your search engine rankings
  • Check your link popularity and be alerted to broken links

Web Design Templates - Frequently Asked Questions  Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will my URL be the first hit on a search engine?

It is difficult to guarantee that your website will be the first listing on a particular search. However, you can use the WebSite Readiness Check and the Search Engine Optimization tips to give your site a high ranking in the different search engines it's listed with.

2. How many search engines does seoCENTRAL send my site to?

Your site will be submitted to hundreds of search engines and directories using Big Lick Media's seoCENTRAL service. Check our current list of search engines.

3. How will it help my business?

Millions of visitors view these pages each month, so a listing in these Directories is likely to bring new customers to your site.

4. What types of sites are included?

Small businesses are welcome to place a listing in the directory. Although there are restrictions on the types of goods and services we will include, a wide variety of sites are included. There is also a section for non-profit organizations.

5. What is the turnaround time for a listing?

Seven business days.

6. Can I place my site in more than one category?

Absolutely. You may place your site in up to three categories.

7. Are there any restrictions?

  1. Site must not contain any inappropriate content such as adult material and hate text.
  2. Site must have some relevance to business.
  3. The site must be in English.
  4. Sites must have clearly understandable landing pages that speak to the subject of the listing.
  5. The site cannot redirect to another page.
  6. The site must be up to date.
  7. The site cannot be a mirror site. Mirror sites are sites that contain identical content, but have altogether different URLs.

8. Is the listing reviewed by a person?

Yes. The listing content as well as the content of the site will be reviewed to ensure that the site has been categorized properly and that it adheres to our terms of service.

9. What does this cost?

US $20/year

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DoubleClick* According to a survey (by DoubleClick, Greenfield Online), over 70% of consumers cite search engines as the main way they research purchases online.